Monday, 27 November 2017

The Solar Compass Gets A New Friction Coating

To provide an extra layer of assurance regarding the safety of this new solar array, our team has applied a new friction coating. Future iterations of the modules should come with this from the factory.

It was a fairly simple process that involved applying an outdoor Minwax urethane to the modules with a roller.

And then sprinkling a light coating of extremely small pieces of ground glass onto the surface. The glass has a green colour to it which has changed slightly the overall look of the array.

The finished product looks like this and it now has a sandpaper like texture. We don't anticipate that this will decrease power output in any noticeable way. Re-application of this product may be required annually but we will evaluate this periodically.

The Solar Sidewalk received the same treatment and it's like walking on sand paper now.


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